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It all begins by paying 0% seller agent commission fees. Revostate is proud to guide you through the sale of your home better than any agent would! Our mission is to revolutionize the real estate industry by creating a transparent transaction freed from the burden of expensive middlemen.

Our promise to you: No hidden fees or commissions. Listed by us, with no one in the middle. If you aren’t under contract in 90 days, or haven’t received at least 2 legitimate offers, it’s a money back guarantee.

Pay zero commission

We ARE for those homeowners that are willing to do a little work and be paid handsomely for it. We believe that you should pay yourself instead of an agent. Not paying an agent a sales commission is your reward for the work that you’ll have to do and you’ll make bank!

Close faster

By eliminating the back and forth between agents you can expect to close faster. Our technology will generate the legal documentation and our training will guide you through every step in the closing process and timeline. 

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We are an effective alternative to real estate agents. We’re not for everybody, just those sellers that want to do a little work and pay themselves instead of an agent. Selling your own home takes work, but the advantages that come with it make it worth the effort.

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We give homeowners all the resources they need to sell their home for more money without paying commissions. We give buyers the negotiation power they need to get the best deal on their future home. Because when a homeowner saves on commission, so do potential prospects… everybody wins!

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