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Selling your own home without an agent

has never been easier and you'll save a bundle too

Save your equity

Expert tips on prepping your home for sale

No risk, money back guarantee*


  • Watch our tutorials
  • Create your listing
  • Market your home
  • Accept a winning offer & go under control

Revostate puts you in charge.
You decide:

  • - When to show your home
  • - What offers to accept
  • - How much equity you save, even if the buyer has an agent

Feel like saving money?

* If you don't sell your home in 90 days, or receive at least 2 offers that are within 10% of your sales price, we'll refund your money

Download our FREE PDF and learn how you can buy or sell your home in no time for less than $1500.

Be smart. Be savvy. Be brave.

You’ll save thousands with Revostate.