Save thousands on your next home sale or purchase

Celebrate with bragging rights

Pay yourself top dollar instead of an agent

Negotiate the best deal on your future dream home

Close faster without the middlemen

Your home is your biggest investment
Treat it like one

How much are you paying in commission fees when you buy or sell a home? The average rate is 6%. On a $400,000 home, that’s $24,000! Wouldn’t you rather keep that equity for yourself? Or get more house for your money?

Everything you need to buy or sell without an agent

Sell your home for more
without paying commissions

Make a winning offer without feeling awkward

Save time and frustration with a streamlined process


  1.  Watch our video tutorials that explain every step of the DIY home buying and selling process.
  2. Use our online tools to create or browse listings, schedule tours, negotiate offers, and generate custom real estate contracts better than any agent.
  3. Close a winning deal that saves you thousands, then celebrate with bragging rights.


All tips and tools are FREE to home buyers.

Home sellers pay one flat fee of $1,299 when you create your listing. If you aren’t under contract in 90 days, or haven’t received at least two legitimate offers, we’ll give you your money back. GUARANTEED.

Our passion is to help you realize that real estate isn't rocket science. With a little help, you CAN be your own agent.

Developed by a Harvard trained lawyer, a Fortune 500 financier, and a tech head who loves solving complex problems with code.

Combined, we’ve done over $300 million in real estate transactions


If you’re willing to put in some time, your efforts will be nicely rewarded


What would you do with that extra chunk of equity?


What if you could snag your dream home, worry-free?

Just because everyone says you should use an agent, doesn't mean you actually need one

With every house that’s bought and sold using real estate agents, buyers and sellers
are leaving thousands of dollars on the table. Revostate gives you all the education
and tools you need to buy or sell your own home without agents, commissions, or
fees. Keep your equity, get the best deal possible, and brag to your friends about
how much you saved from the comfort of your new home.

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Download our FREE PDF and learn how you can buy or sell your home in no time for less than $1500.

Be smart. Be savvy. Be brave.

You’ll save thousands with Revostate.